Sugar free Jam Thumbprints

These crumbly, sweet centered Jam filled cookies are my new favorites!

After a long week, the kids and I couldn’t wait to try out a new cookie recipe. We like to do fun things together especially on the weekends. This weekend was our “Cookie Party.”  After a few deliberations, we settle on Jam Thumbprints.  Don’t these look delish?My son rough chopped the walnuts,  and did such a great job.  That was probably the most challenging part of the whole recipe. To my satisfaction, these cookies were a breeze to whip up.

Creamed butter, honey, chopped walnuts, egg yolks, a touch of vanilla, and a few tablespoons of truvia are all you need to make these sugar free Jam Thumbprints. Oh and the jam!! Let’s not forget the star of our dessert. You can use any brand you would like, but I like to use Smuckers Red Raspberry preserves sugar-free of course. Homemade preserves might also be a great option, that would take this recipe up another notch.

Once you’ve combined all of the ingredients. Roll into balls, and dip into the preserved egg whites. Next, roll into walnuts and place ball on cookie sheet. Lastly, push your thumb down into the center of each cookie.  This will serve as a kind of bowl for the jam filling. My kids loved doing this!

Once the cookies have cooled, add a dollop of your favorite jam to the top center. Enjoy!