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Soft, Warm, Sugar Free Cinnamon Rolls!

My sugar free cinnamon rolls bake up sweet, soft and fluffy!

Today was a special day, Father’s Day.  In our house, we usually celebrate Father’s day with a trip to Ribfest, a local festival in our town.  It’s usually hot, and the lines for a few ribs, or a couple pieces of chicken are SO LONG. So this year, we decided to skip Ribfest and make my sweetheart one of his favorite treats. Cinnamon rolls.  I’d hope to get started on these the night before, but after a long day it totally wouldn’t of worked.

LRJ & Cinnamon rolls

Ok, so my husband just loves cinnamon rolls.  As a matter of fact, I love them too. It’s been YEARS since we had any because the sugar content in theses puppies is just too much for both of us.  I’ve been wanting to make him some for a while, but for some reason just never got around to it, until now!  Boy oh boy are these good!  Way better than that junk we used to buy from the grocery store.  He’d come home with these flat cinnamon rolls with this thick white gunk on them.  He’d take a bite, and his eyes would roll back into his head.  At that point I knew he was really enjoying it, but he’d be paying for it big time about 10 minutes later.  SUGAR RUSH!! Not this father’s day.

Still not quite sure how to approach these whole wheat, sugar free cinnamon rolls, I started to put my thoughts together.  I usually like to have a base recipe, and then work my way off of it. My biggest issue was the dough, but fortunately I had a solution.  Awhile back I wanted to make some whole wheat pizza dough.  First batch, was a disaster.  My second batch was perfection!  So I decided that if I sweetened my dough, added extra butter, took out some olive oil, substitute milk for water it might work.  Guess what?  It totally worked.

Honestly guys, these cinnamon rolls were everything you love about cinnamon rolls. They were warm, sweet, buttery, soft, doughy.  Ahhhhh they were so good!!!

I’d say the dough was the most challenging part of the whole recipe.  After that, these came together pretty quickly. For my topping, I  whipped up a batch of icing using a few of my favorite sugar substitutes.  I love having an arsenal of resources to make my food take great.  These cinnamon rolls were a breeze.  I will definitely make these again.  I loved how they came out, and honestly, it had been years since I’d even had a cinnamon roll.  That’s mostly because you can’t find a sugar free cinnamon roll anywhere.  Ugh! But hey they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and I believe it! So this post if for you Mr. Robinson.  Happy Father’s Day!!



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