About Sheryll The Cook

Hey, you found me!  I’m Sheryll.  Hmm, what to say about myself?  Well the three things that are most important to me are: my faith, my family, and fulfilling my passions.   I’m the creative sort.  I’ve written children’s books (self-published), gutted & totally made over my kitchen, sang in front of thousands of people, plunked around on my guitar, played countless video games, drawn, painted, crocheted, sewn, fished, climbed, decorated and oh yeah COOKED just about anything & everything I can think of.  I’ve got an energetic personality, and I enjoy looking at the positive side of life, and encouraging people to achieve their goals.   This blog highlights one of my favorite pastimes…hold the applause “cooking.”  I love trying new things in the kitchen and in life. I’ve been thrown a few obstacles in life, but I’m not letting them get me down.

Less than a year ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes.  That wasn’t fun.  I knew I had been struggling with my sugars for years, but this new reality helped me to know that it was time to take life by the reins.  Watching your sugars isn’t easy, and definitely isn’t fun.  Life is filled with SO many things that you can’t have.  You’re the one on the “special diet.” In grocery stores, your section is the one in the back, in the corner, on the bottom shelf.  So many restaurants don’t even think or even consider your needs.  And as a result, you eat the food and feel terrible.  Nope, not me, not anymore.  I decided to start making my favorites, but using healthy options (and sugar substitutes).  Now, if I want that chocolate brownie, I’ve got to figure out how to make it without the sugar, and with all the flavor.

My Blog

I hope you enjoy my blog, and my cooking exploits. This blog isn’t about having diabetes, it’s not even about cooking with sugar limitations. It’s more about how I satisfy my sweet tooth, and fulfill my passion for cooking.   All of the desserts I make are low sugar, or sugar free.  The rest of my cooking predominately uses white whole wheat flour.

I enjoy cooking a wide variety of styles, and cuisines.  My personal belief is that food should always be delicious.  Whether it’s coming from a home kitchen, or a 5-star Michelin restaurant, food should always be delicious.